Chapter 1: His first step out

Imagine a 4-year old climbing up the stage with all excitement and joy to make his first appearance! He was completely in love with himself, because it was his first step to the never-ending journey to his dream world. It has been years now, but even today when he holds the mike, he has the same level of excitement and joy like he had on the day of his first appearance. It was at school and he had sung a song.

We know him as Kshitij Banker.

Since then, Kshitij found his addiction, the ‘stage’. He just glued to it and marked his presence every alternate month in some or the other role. During his school days, his hunger never allowed him to settle down. Be it singing, debates, essay writing, elocution competitions or sports – you name it and Kshitij has it.

Chapter 2: ‘If Music be the food of love, play on’

He never settled down for the second rank and so, Kshitij kept harnessing his skills to be the perfect one. His journey started with singing, and this made him knock the doors of professional training. And for a period of 5 rigorous years, he trained himself in Indian Classical Vocals. During the journey, he became one of the few who made it to the then famous Zee Antakshari.

To reach the MUSIC kind, Kshitij walked an extra mile and is self taught when it comes to guitar, keyboard, harmonica and mandolin.

Life of the MUSIC kind:

  • In his college days at Xavier’s, Ahmedabad, Kshitij’s pursuit of MUSIC met the first destination with his band called ‘Tathya’. Tathya, with their Alternative and Hindi Rock music, performed at many regional events
  • When Kshitij moved to Vallabh Vidyanagar, he continued his musical journey with a band named ‘Raging Hormones’. The adrenal filled Funk Rock band rocked the town with the victory of ‘Campus Rock Idols’ and made it to the metros of India
  • Kshitij believes in giving back to the society. On completion of his studies, he returned to his hometown, Vadodara. Back home, he conceptualized ‘Rockerz Park’, a one-of-its-kind concept to provide platform to the budding musicians and music lovers
  • Rockerz Park believed in the philosophy of ‘Music is Free’. It neither has boundaries nor should any music lover be stopped from showcasing talent. On one hand, artists can come forward to get opportunity of grabbing the stage and on the other hand, music lovers can straight away walk-in to appreciate music. Rockerz Park has been an inspiration to many artists and has had cult following
  • Joining hands with artists from Rockerz Park, Kshitij formed a band named ‘Phun Intended’ which was into Funk and Rock & Roll. No major city of Gujarat remained untouched with the mesmerizing effect of this band. It covered all the well-known music festivals of Gujarat

Chapter 3: Every beat matters to him

Music doesn’t have any limitation just like Kshitij!

This champ of co-curricular activities has keen interest in sports too. Right from 8th grade, he started playing basketball and made it to state and national level tournaments. In this game, he stood the tallest, having played for 3 different universities viz. Gujarat University, Sardar Patel University and Maharaja Sayajirao University. On several occasions, he played for State Bank of India (SBI) and today, you can find him on the courts of leading clubs of Vadodara, enjoying basketball.

Kshitij has not only educated himself with books but also with different cities and their cultures. This art lover moved to Ahmedabad to pursue his Bachelor of Arts, at one of the finest college, St. Xavier’s (GU). He then completed his Masters from Vallabh Vidyanagar (SPU). After coming back to his hometown, Vadodara, Kshitij mastered the art of dealing with people, through Diploma in Human Resource Management (MSU). His journey to different cities of the state not only well educated him but also taught him the nuances of life and behavior.

At Ahmedabad, along with being active in other fields, Kshitij explored his flair for writing and started writing for ‘India Guide Publications’ as a Travel Writer.
He gave this interest a shape by writing short stories and a recently published book called ‘Amused’ published by Maitreya Publications carries a short story written by him.

Chapter 4: Not all those who wander are lost

Kshitij means horizon and horizon is the line where the earth’s surface and the sky seem to meet. His life and deeds touched extremes and when joined together, are no less than the beautiful view of a horizon.

RJ: With his journey of life, Kshitij explored many avenues and with each one of them, he added life to it. With one such bag of life, on 4th January, 2007, he added spice to the life of Vadodara and changed the mornings of the city forever. Kshitij joined Radio Mirchi as an RJ for the morning show and today, Kshitij is a name that needs no introduction.

VO Artist: Kshitij is the most known voice of Vadodara and his voice became the identity for many corporate films, short films, documentaries, commercials, advertisements et al. He is one of the finest VO artists in the city.

Anchor and MC: Being an Anchor or Master of the Ceremony, when Kshitij holds the stage, the magic mesmerizes people and makes them spellbound; his sense of humor and perfect timing steals everyone’s heart. Kshitij has anchored shows all over Gujarat and to name a few celebrity events he hosted for are: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Shaan, Runa Laila, Jasbir Jassi, Javed Ali, Sivamani, Rekha Bhardwaj, Abhijeet, Euphoria and Shreya Ghoshal. The proof of his talent as an anchor came when for a show with Kshitij; Shreya Ghoshal mentioned and congratulated Kshitij, in her tweet.

Theatre: Even today, Kshitij has not let his interest for theatre die. He performed in ‘Hidden Fires’, a play written by Manjula Padmanabhan that was staged at Natrani, Ahmedabad (Oct 2012). His recent play Gopal and Sayaji, where he played Diwan Sir T Madhavrao, written by Makarand Mulse, also won him high appreciation.

Faculty and Tutor: To share his knowledge, views and to groom talents, Kshitij is a part of academics and backs his vision of giving back to the society. He founded an academy in 2012 that is run by established artists and music lovers. This academy is named ‘Applied Music Academy’ (A\M/A). It basically nurtures talents and provides them with a platform to give their career a kick start. For a true music enthusiast, A\M/A is the finest option in the clutter of other academies imparting the knowledge of music. Kshitij, along with being associated with A\M/A, is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, MSU.

Musician and Band Member [Founder]: Kshitij’s love for music never goes backstage and that’s how ‘BhaiBend’ has remained on the stage! With his current band, BhaiBend, Kshitij keeps rocking entire Gujarat and especially Vadodara.

RJ, VO Artist, Anchor and MC, Theatre Artist, Faculty and Tutor, Musician and Band Member is what all Kshitij earned with his each step of wandering. He is truly the one who wanders but never gets lost!