Life doesn’t stop throwing surprises at me…
It was an average day at work for me – reach the studio, read up newspapers, surf the net, gather information and start my morning show. The show got over, I finished chatting up with you all and went back to my team. We were sharing our daily dose of laugh when I was informed of a visitor.

I walked out to the reception area and there she was standing. Dressed formally, smiling and waiting with gifts in her hand. Like a deja vu. The same sequence was repeating again. I swear, I had no clue what this girl wanted to say when she’d come to meet me a couple of months back. She had insisted that we talk in the private meeting room of Radio Mirchi office. “Talk? But about what?”- I had wondered. She kept talking about some ‘connection’ and signals and some absurd concepts. So choosing an easy way out, I had told her to visit the office later and that we would talk on a better day.

So on the beautiful Friday morning… she came back as a nightmare. “Aap ne bulaya tha,” she said.

“Oh. My. God” – I could hear my head echoing with that line! The entire office staff, in fact the visiting auditors also started coming around the reception area to check out this ‘Sajh dhaj ke aaye hui ladki’. When I finally came out to meet she said she wanted to talk in the meeting room (again!). I did not acknowledge that then she insisted on giving me some gift-wrapped item which I refused to accept.

So she continued: “Now my world only revolves around News, Politics, Mirchi and you.. I can feel a connection.. I can understand your signals which you are sending for me since a long time now. All the songs that you play for me, all the articles that you write for me… I can now feel the connection”

My immediate response to her was: “Hello? What connection.. I am married and I have two children.. I play all the songs for my wife. (No I am not married, and most certainly do NOT have children!)

She said: “So you think I am ‘line maaroing you? I just came to talk ‘ because I can feel the connection and now tell me what am I supposed to do?”
“Hain? What to do? Ghar jaake so jao… Aur kya?” – I said that and returned back to my work desk.

Some ten minutes later she calls up at our office number and says: “Kshitij ko bol dena uski gaadi pe maine jaadu tona kar diya hai…”

I have just returned back home. And just realised the jaadu tona on my car. Two of the tyres were almost flat!

Bolo yaar.. Meri hawa nikal di uss ladki ne..